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City Of Plano Completes First Phase Of Storm Cleanup

The first sweep of homes east of U.S. 75 is complete
Photo: City Of Plano

The city of Plano is working hard to remove debris and damage from storms in late May. According to the city, the first sweep of homes east of U.S. 75 is complete.

Moving forward, storm-related tree and branch collections at the curb will occur seven days a week until the sweeps are complete. On June 14, a new contractor began addressing these piles using large equipment that requires clear access. To facilitate this process, the city asks residents to ensure vehicles are not parked near debris piles.


The blue areas on the map are currently being collected and should be picked up within one to five days.

City crews will handle storm-related tree and branch alley collections from Monday through Saturday until the sweeps are finished. 

Streets and alleys may not be completed on the same day, but they will be finished within a few days of each other. Once the first sweep has covered all of Plano, a second sweep will begin Some areas are taking longer than others due to a higher volume of debris.

The city is utilizing a portion of its rainy day budget for cleanup efforts. As Local Profile previously reported, the city entered a $600,000 contract for the removal and cleanup. An initial $500,000 was allocated for cleanup efforts in parks, medians and trails, while an additional $100,000 was designated for supporting debris cleanup by the public works department. 

In partnership with the city of Plano and Collin County, FEMA is also providing services to citizens affected by the recent storms at a local Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). The DRC, located at 4800 Preston Park Boulevard in Plano, will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Texans who sustained losses from the storms and flooding between April 26 and June 5 have one month remaining to apply for federal assistance, with the deadline being July 16, 2024. DRC staff will assist with the application process for federal assistance, ensuring a smooth and helpful experience. 

Visit the link here for an up-to-date map of storm cleanup.  

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