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Collin County Detention Officer Arrested For Bringing A Cell Phone And Charger To Inmate

The officer admitted to the charges and has been fired
Photo: Bigflick | Shutterstock

On October 10, a detention officer at Collin County jail found a cell phone and charger in an inmate’s cell. Officer Tyler Moody confessed to giving both items to an inmate, despite knowing the consequences. 

The McKinney Courier-Gazette reported that Moody, an employee of Collin County jail since 2019, now faces a third-degree felony charge of bringing prohibited items into a correctional facility. Since the incident occurred, the Collin County Sheriff’s Office issued the following statement

On Monday, October 10, 2022 a detention officer discovered a cell phone and charger in an inmate’s cell in the Collin County jail.  Detention Officer Tyler Moody, an employee since October 2019, confessed to sheriff’s investigators that he brought the contraband into the jail and provided it to the inmate.

Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner fired Moody and informed him that he was being placed under arrest for violating Texas Penal Code 38.11 Prohibited Substances and Items in Correctional or Civil Commitment Facility, a 3rd Degree Felony. Investigators then booked Moody into the Collin County jail. This investigation is ongoing.

A video was also released by the sheriff's office showing Sheriff Skinner firing Moody for his actions and formally placing him under arrest. The video also shows Skinner asking Moody to remove his uniform saying he “does not deserve to wear it.”

“You betrayed the trust of every citizen we have the privilege to serve, and you betrayed the trust of the brave and selfless men and women you worked alongside for years,” Sheriff Skinner told Moody. “As of this moment you are under arrest for bringing prohibited items into a correctional facility.” 

No other information regarding the inmate or Moody has been released. Local Profile reached out to the Collin County Sheriff's Office for comment, but it is unable to provide any further information.