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The Dallas Cowboys Have The Best Fans, Study Shows

Not even the Super Bowl drought could discourage this dedicated fan base

Cowboys fans have done it again! In a recent study by the website Sidelines, they came out on top as the most devoted and loyal fans in the league. 

The study analyzed eight different metrics, including social media engagement, home and away attendance, merchandise and food and drink spending. The metrics were scored and combined to determine the overall outcome. And guess what? The study showed that the Cowboys landed first place with an average total attendance of 82,915 and an average home attendance of 93,465! 

It's not just about showing up to the games, though. Cowboys fans are also the top spenders, shelling out an average of $279.81 on merchandise and $147.68 on food and drinks at the games. Now that's some serious dedication!

What makes these fans’ commitment even more impressive, is that they are not easily discouraged. It’s easy to be supportive when your team is on a winning streak, but for the Cowboys, it takes a bit more hope. The team hasn't won a championship in quite some time, with their last conference championship appearance back in 1996. And yet, Cowboys fans continue to show up in droves and dominate participation, enthusiasm and engagement metrics.

Still, Cowboys fans have plenty to be happy about. In comparison, the Detroit Lions and Washington have even longer NFC Championship Game appearance droughts, with Detroit having 20 losing seasons in that span and Washington only managing three playoff wins. Meanwhile, the Cowboys have won the NFC East eight times, earned home-field advantage in the playoffs twice, and have only had eight losing seasons. 

As for the 2023 season, it is looking up for the Dallas Cowboys, especially since they've managed to keep Dan Quinn as their defensive coordinator. With him on board for his third season, expectations are high for a dominant defense to complement Dak Prescott and the offense. 

One thing is for sure, the Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, can always count on the fans to show up in force for the first training camp practices in Oxnard, California this summer!