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30 Manhole Covers Stolen In Prosper, Texas [Update]

Police are asking residents for assistance
Photo: Rana X | Shutterstock

A bizarre crime wave hit Prosper, Texas in the past two weeks — 30 stormwater manhole covers were stolen around the city. 

Police are warning residents of the bizarre crime spree. “These acts present substantial safety concerns for our community as unsuspecting pedestrians and vehicular traffic are imperiled by these unsecured openings,” the Prosper Police Department said in a statement. 

The covers missing over storm drains could cause additional danger during flash flooding if large debris washes inside.

Update: There have not been any reports of stolen manhole covers over streets. Those larger, round manholes are much heavier and more difficult to remove.

According to the Prosper Police Department, due to the large amount stolen, the crime is now considered a felony. At a minimum, these thefts are a state jail felony that carries with it imprisonment in a state jail facility for a term of up to two years, and a fine of up to $10,000.

Depending upon other circumstances, these punishments can be increased to higher-level felony penalties.

According to CBS, Courtney Mackedanz and her dog are now keeping a watchful eye on where they step in the Saddle Creek neighborhood of Prosper.

"I have a seven and a six-year-old, we go on walks, we take bike rides, scooter rides, all those things and it's definitely a safety factor for them," Mackedanz told CBS.

The manholes are also expensive for the city to replace, coming in at $200 per cover. Police suspect the criminals are selling the manhole covers to sell at scrap shops. "I know the typical rate is around $30 for these." Prosper Public Information Officer Todd Rice said. Police have not shared if more than one person is committing the crime. 

Police are asking residents for assistance in stopping the crime by calling 9-1-1 if they see the crime taking place. Residents can also call 972-569-1000 to report stolen covers.