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Melissa Tops List Of Safest Cities In Texas

Among the fifty cities listed, the top ten report zero murders and eight have no robberies
Photo: City of Melissa

Melissa, Texas, emerged as the safest city in the Lone Star State for 2024. This revelation comes from SafeWise's 10th annual Safest Cities report, offering a comprehensive overview of security trends across Texas.

The report highlights a shift in safety perceptions among Texans, with a 14% decrease in safety concerns compared to previous years. However, despite this decline, the report states that Texans remain more apprehensive about safety than the national average of 47%.

Texas, known for its robust spirit and diverse landscape, grapples with crime rates above the national average. However, within its borders lie pockets of safety, exemplified by cities in this list with 84% less violent crime and 66% less property crime than the rest of the state. This year, Melissa rose 21 spots to reach the #1 spot. The city, with its population of 20,071, stands out with remarkably low crime rates of only 0.2 incidents of violent crime and 3.2 incidents of property crime per 1,000 people in 2024.

The SafeWise report also revealed that 63% of Texans worry about property crime, surpassing the national average by 22%. Despite these worries, Texans are taking proactive steps to enhance security, with 41% opting for security cameras, the state's most popular form of property protection.

Concerns about gun violence also linger, with 67% of Texans expressing apprehension, reflecting a 2% increase from previous surveys. However, the report notes a 31% decrease in reported experiences with gun violence, indicating positive trends in safety measures and awareness.

Among the 50 cities listed in the report, the top ten stand out for their remarkable safety records, reporting zero murders, with eight recording zero robberies.

To access the full report, visit the following link.

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