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More Pickleball Courts Coming To Plano

Residents will be able to enjoy a Pickleball match at PSA 1 starting June 19
Photo: bhpix | Shutterstock

Pickleball fans rejoice! The City of Plano Parks and Recreation Department announced a new collaboration with Plano Sports Authority (PSA) to bring even more courses to the city. Beginning on June 19, 2023, residents will have access to additional pickleball courts, catering to the exploding popularity of the sport.

To enable the addition of the new courses, Plano City Council members approved a modification to the city's lease agreement, an amendment that will enable the public to enjoy pickleball matches at PSA 1, located at 6500 Preston Meadow Drive in Carpenter Park.

Founded as a non-profit organization in 1970, PSA has been instrumental in providing high-quality recreational and competitive youth sports leagues throughout the North Texas area. With over 100,000 youth benefiting from their programs, PSA has become a prominent sports organization in the region. The perfect place to provide access to the increasingly popular sport. 

According to USA Pickleball, the sport combines fun, sociability, and a friendly atmosphere. Its simple rules make it easily accessible for beginners, while the game's pace can quickly evolve into a competitive and fast-paced experience.

Pickleball’s easygoing attitude was there from its inception. It was created in 1965 by three dads facing a recurring summer conundrum: bored kids. Since its humble beginnings with handmade equipment and straightforward rules, pickleball has transformed into a popular sport across the United States and Canada with an international presence on the rise, with numerous European and Asian countries embracing the game and establishing their own pickleball courts.

The collaborative effort demonstrates the commitment of the city of Plano’s parks and recreation department and PSA to cater to the diverse recreational interests of the community.

More information about the new pickleball courts will be made available on both the Plano Parks and Recreation and PSA websites in the coming days.