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Plano Public Library Helping To Provide Free Holiday Movies To View Online

Users can access to over 30,000 films available to watch
Photo: Fabio Balbi | Shutterstock

In time for the holiday season, the Plano Public Library has announced that numerous holiday movies are available for residents to view for free via a streaming service called Kanopy.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the library says that the collection of festive films can be accessed through Kanopy by creating an account through the streaming service and then adding your Plano Public Library card.

Among the list of holiday movies that can be viewed entirely free through the service includes 12 Dogs of Christmas, An American Christmas Carol and more.

In addition to the array of Christmas films, the streaming service also offers over 30,000 films in its collection, including documentary films, educational movies, a variety of TV series and many others. Hundreds of different titles are also added every month to provide fresh entertainment for users of the service.

Each individual Kanopy account has credits to watch up to five films each month. Once selected, films are available to watch as many times as the user wants over the span of three days.

As well, users can also watch Credit Free films and Kanopy Kids content an unlimited amount of times through the service.

To start watching the streaming service's collection of holiday films for free using your Plano Public Library card, click here.