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Plano Police Arrest 15 Men Paying For Prostitution

The arrests were made on different dates and locations
Photo: Pelow Media | Shutterstock

On Aug. 3, 2023, the Plano Police Department announced they have arrested 15 men for solicitation of prostitution over the past two months. 

According to Plano police, detectives conducted multiple demand reduction operations to decrease the number of buyers (aka "Johns") of commercial sex. The operations were carried out in several locations in Plano and on different dates.

In Texas, prostitution charges hold a state jail felony if convicted, up to two years in state jail, and a possible $10,000 fine. But, if arrested for more than one offense of soliciting prostitution, it is usually considered a higher-degree felony and carries even harsher consequences and jail time. The crime automatically becomes a third-degree felony if the perpetrator carries a prior conviction. 

“The Plano Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of our community by cracking down on illegal activities such as prostitution,” a statement from the Plano Police Department said. Local Profile reached out to the department for comment but did not receive a response prior to publishing. 

It was only six months ago a Plano woman shared her experience of men showing up at her house looking for sex workers. According to Elaine White, the constant visits from “Johns” asking for a woman named Kelly was going on since last year.

Local Profile reported that she explained she did not know why men were being sent to her home looking for sex workers, but in an attempt to keep the men away, she put out a sign outside of her home that says, “Kelly does not live here.”

Police believed that the men were being lured to the home while attempting to find sex workers through the internet, but do not know who is behind the ruse. White said one of the man’s co-workers told her he paid for service through “Thai Massage of North Dallas,” which does not exist, and shared a phone number that is not in service.

On Feb. 19, 2023, one man was arrested for attempting to enter White’s house, and he faced charges of attempted burglary.