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Plano, Texas Named Among Top Tech Cities In America

According to a recent study, Plano offers the best internet coverage in the U.S.

A recent study from software review website Cloudwards ranked Plano among the top tech cities in the U.S.

The report, titled “The Top Tech Cities in the US: Ranking 100 Cities in 2024,” sought to uncover which American cities best-supported professionals in the tech industry based on five major categories: livability, internet coverage and quality, career and education opportunities, innovation and entrepreneurship and tech community.

Within each category were several key metrics — such as IT salaries, cost of internet, university tech-related programs, startup ecosystem and tech events/conferences — that were used to compare the tech-savviness of each U.S. city.

Plano found itself listed as the fourth-best tech city, with a major reason behind this high placement being on account of its internet coverage, which ranked as the best in the nation, according to the study.

Another contributing factor for the city’s ranking is its dense population of tech companies, with 1069 residing there, including McAfee, Odyssey Information Services and CompuCom Systems Inc., to name a few.

Another North Texas city to crack the top 10 was Frisco, which fell into the 10th spot overall. 

Frisco ranked as the top livable city in the U.S., which includes sporting the second-best safety rating in the country — the area’s crime rate is a lowly 10.56 per 1000 residents. Additionally, Frisco was found to offer one of the more competitive average salaries for IT professionals at $95,516 annually. 

Other Texas cities to make the top 100 list were Austin (7th), Garland (21st), Houston (22nd), Fort Worth (29th), Dallas (33rd), Lubbock (93rd), El Paso (95th) and Laredo (99th).

To view the full study, visit the Cloudwards website.