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Prosper, Texas Unveils Community Crime Map For Enhanced Safety

This tool offers comprehensive insights into crime patterns within the area
Photo: Prosper Police Department / Facebook

The Prosper Police Department (PPD) unveiled a groundbreaking tool to enhance public safety and foster community transparency. On May 7, 2024, the department introduced the Prosper Community Crime Map, an innovative platform designed to provide comprehensive insights into crime patterns within Prosper.

This new initiative offers residents and law enforcement a user-friendly interface to visualize and understand the occurrence of various crimes within the area. According to Chief Doug Kowalski of the Prosper Police Department, the Community Crime Map is a vital resource, empowering residents with timely and relevant crime data to deter criminal activity.

The Prosper Community Crime Map covers a range of incidents, including burglaries, thefts, assaults, traffic incidents and drug apprehensions. Its features include basic mapping, dashboards and analytics to visualize crime trends easily. Residents can access data and trends in the area, with automated email alerts issued every 8 hours covering the preceding 30 days of activity. Moreover, the data compiled from law enforcement agencies ensures comprehensive insights while maintaining confidentiality and privacy by excluding sensitive information such as incidents involving juvenile victims or sexual offenses.

"Public safety is essential to our community, and one component of a safe environment is public involvement," said Mayor David Bristol of Prosper in an official statement. “This map will provide vital information to our residents and fits with our plan of municipal excellence in all areas, specifically in public safety."

Residents can access the Prosper Community Crime Map through the official website, which provides additional information and frequently asked questions. 

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