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Texas Hits Over 250,000 Electric Vehicles Registered

EV numbers are expected to spike with the upcoming border-to-border charging network

DFW Clean Cities reports that Texas boasts a registration of over 250,000 electric vehicles as of Jan. 23, 2024.

The Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance (TxETRA) credits the surge in electric vehicle sales to their low operating costs, increasing affordability and the appeal of new technology. This growth reflects the registration of an additional 50,000 electric vehicles in the span of seven months, with Texas achieving the 200,000 milestone in June 2023.

“Electric vehicles represent a leap forward in automotive technology and consumer experience,”  Interim Executive Director of TxETRA Buzz Smith said in a statement. “EVs are cheaper to fuel, easier to maintain, and superior in performance. We expect Texas will surpass 320,000 registrations next year and go over a million by 2029. Crossing the quarter-million mark is more than a number; it's a testament to Texas's commitment to electrifying transportation. We can’t afford to sit out this transition.”

The numbers are expected to climb as federal provisions make way for a robust charging network throughout the state. The Texas Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan includes building a border-to-border charging network, putting charging stations at least every 50 miles on designated major interstates and 70 miles apart everywhere else.

Texas is the first state to adopt a forward-looking charging network requirement for the charging stations to include the CCS standard, as well as the North American Charging Standard (NACS). This type of charging plug will be used by most electric vehicles following 2025.

As Local Profile previously reported, TxDOT announced that it is looking to further promote the usage of electric vehicles for transportation by creating EV-friendly lanes on the US 75 highway. The planned lanes would be open to low-emission vehicle use for two hours in the morning (7 a.m. to 9 a.m.) and a couple of hours in the early evening (4 p.m. to 6 p.m.), time windows that align with when most residents are going to or leaving work.

But the electric vehicles don’t come without a cost. A bill sent to Gov. Greg Abbott by the Texas House, requiring electric vehicle owners to pay $200 in annual fees, passed last year. EV owners now have to pay $400 to register new vehicles. These increased registration fees are necessary to ensure that electric vehicles contribute their fair share towards highway costs.