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With $20 Million Investment, NOVOS FiBER Expands To McKinney, Texas

The company was founded in 2022 to address the digital divide in the U.S.

NOVOS FiBER recently announced its expansion into McKinney, Texas. The Dallas-based fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) enterprise is earmarking $20 million to introduce its services to McKinney residents. 

The company's fiber network construction commenced several months ago, and further communities will be gradually incorporated in the upcoming weeks and months. Presently, the ISP offers three fiber optic internet plans: a 300 Mbps tier priced at $59.99, a 1-gig tier at $79.99 and 2.5-gig speeds at $114.99.

"We're delighted to be building in McKinney,” NOVOS FiBER CEO Andrew Snead said in a statement. “It's an incredibly vibrant and fast-growing city and we're excited to bring residents high-speed fiber internet with our promise of fairness, transparency and a genuine focus on the customer experience. It's tremendously humbling to hear residents thanking the team for bringing choice to their neighborhood."

This move follows closely on the heels of NOVOS FiBER's expansion in Arlington, Texas, where the company is injecting an additional $25 million into its operations and already boasts a growing base of customers on its fiber network.

"We're much more than a mere utility,” Customer Service Manager Jennifer Rutledge said. “When people see a NOVOS FiBER truck in their neighborhood, they can expect a different type of experience and a provider that truly cares about their customers and the neighborhood. NOVOS is investing in the broader McKinney community, including school and city-organized events and our approach to customer centricity in other cities is reflected in our customer satisfaction scores.”

According to the company, NOVOS FiBER, was founded in 2022 with the objective of addressing the digital divide that remains across many parts of the U.S.

McKinney residents interested in learning more about NOVOS FiBER can check if the service is available in their zip code at

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