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World Springs In The Colony Announces Opening Date

The facility will open in The Colony on June 28, 2024

WorldSprings is set to open this summer at Grandscape in The Colony. It will be Texas' inaugural outdoor mineral springs immersion experience and the largest of its kind across the United States. 

The opening date is June 28, 2024. 

The facility boasts 46 outdoor soaking pools, eight saunas, a luxurious 12-room spa, a top-tier food and beverage program, and more. Just a 20-minute drive from Dallas, WorldSprings is the second water retreat by Off Road Capital, following its successful predecessor, Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Spanning 9 acres, WorldSprings is Off Road Capital's largest venture yet, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for both travelers and locals alike.

"After years of dedicated planning and preparation, we are overjoyed to open our doors and contribute to the wellness and community improvement of the vibrant DFW area,” said General Manager Amelia Wohrle. “Our vision is to create a welcoming space where everyone can focus on their wellness and come together to build a stronger sense of community spirit." 

Crafted by the architectural and engineering solutions firm HFA-AE, WorldSprings emerges as a comprehensive hub for social and recreational wellness. Inspired by iconic global hot springs like Jordan’s Dead Sea, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and Mexico’s Grutas Tolantongo, WorldSprings features mineral soaking pools designed to offer rejuvenating experiences reminiscent of these renowned destinations. Each pool is meticulously crafted with a blend of minerals and varying temperatures.

“This venture represents not only a new chapter for our company but also a testament to our commitment to offering exceptional hospitality centered around making our guests feel better. We look forward to sharing the magic of WorldSprings with the local community,” said Chris Barrett, WorldSprings CEO.

Upon arrival, visitors will enter the check-in area, featuring a thoughtfully curated retail section to explore before embarking on their WorldSprings adventure. The Spa and Wellness Center will offer premier body treatments, facials and athletic recovery services, establishing WorldSprings as a distinctive destination for wellness enthusiasts. 

After check-in, guests will proceed to the locker room, serving as their central hub throughout their WorldSprings visit. With a total of 46 pools ranging from invigorating 50-degree cold plunge pools to soothing 104-degree waters, WorldSprings promises a personalized wellness journey for every visitor. Additionally, VIP cabanas will be available for rental, enhancing the experience with added exclusivity and comfort.

For more information about WorldSprings, please visit

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