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$250 Million Grass Roof Community Unveiled In Frisco, Texas

Prices for the Tapestry homes start at $1.6 million

On May 4, 2024, a 56-acre residential community developed by Total Environment was unveiled in Frisco, Texas. These homes feature distinct grass roofs. 

The community, Tapestry, boasts 121 residences nestled amidst a landscape with numerous mature native trees, three water bodies and three creeks, notably Rowlett Creek. Tapestry epitomizes the fusion of indoor and outdoor living, with homes featuring green roofs, courtyards and secluded terrace gardens.

“This is your opportunity to live in harmony with nature while enjoying a high-end lifestyle and creating a balance between sustainability and livability,” a statement from Tapestry read.

Tapestry presents fully customized, furnished residences available in two spacious sizes: 4394 sq. ft. and 5472 sq. ft. Key innovations encompass open, fluid layouts where every room extends onto a garden, including those on upper levels, facilitated by sliding glass panels. Prices for the homes start at $1.6 million.

Noteworthy features include a master bedroom with an open bathroom adorned with a tree and skylight, a geothermal heating and cooling system in lieu of traditional air-conditioning, adaptable furniture options and a green roof aiding in temperature regulation throughout the seasons. Residents can also select from an array of natural materials and benefit from crafted architectural elements. 

The grass roofs are designed to reduce rainwater run-off and protect against hail that damages regular roofs. They also help keep interiors warmer in winter, cooler in summer and improve the overall air quality.

According to Total Environment, while many home builders typically begin by selecting lots within a development and constructing single-family homes, Total Environment takes a different approach. They prioritize a holistic method, starting with the meticulous selection of properties aligned with their brand ethos of crafting "Homes for your inner self" — residences that foster a connection with nature.

“We combine our design skills with excellent craftsmanship to deliver homes of the highest quality, always striving to design and build the most beautiful homes in the world," says Kamal Sagar, founder and CEO of Total Environment.

Total Environment is also the proprietor of the upscale dining establishment, microbrewery and live music locale, Windmills, at Grandscape in The Colony. Twenty-five years after Kamal and Shibanee started Total Environment Homes, the team built dozens of projects across India, catering to over 1,200 customers and spanning more than 4 million square feet.

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