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Garland, Texas Named Among Best US Cities For Women In Tech Industry

The study offers insights for women pursuing tech careers and homeownership
Photo: Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock

In a recent study conducted by RealtyHop, Garland, Texas, emerged as one of the top 10 best cities in the United States for women seeking opportunities in the tech industry. Despite the prevailing gender pay gap nationwide, Garland stands out for its promising prospects and affordability, offering hope for women pursuing careers in technology.

The research analyzed various metrics, including income potential, housing affordability and job opportunities, highlighting Garland's appeal to women in the tech sector. 

Among the study's key findings, Garland stands out as an attractive option for women seeking homeownership in the tech industry. The study shows that, with its affordable housing market, women in tech spend 38.28% of their income on housing, significantly lower than many other cities on the list. This affordability presents a significant opportunity for women looking to invest in property while pursuing tech careers.

While Garland may not offer the high salaries of tech hubs like Silicon Valley, it provides a balanced ecosystem where women can thrive professionally without compromising financial stability. With a median home price of $339,000 and manageable mortgage payments and property taxes, Garland offers a feasible path to homeownership, often challenging in more expensive urban centers.

According to the report, the tech industry saw an increase in women's participation over the past five years, presenting more opportunities for income growth and homeownership. 

Women considering tech careers may find the cities listed by RealtyHop appealing. However, delving into each city's specific dynamics is crucial to grasp the full spectrum of opportunities and obstacles. Armed with knowledge, women can select the city that aligns best with their personal and professional aspirations.

To view the full study, visit the RealtyHop website.

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