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New Rendering Released For Collin Creek Mall

The redevelopment aims to create a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use area

In a video released on social media, Centurion American, the developer heading the Collin Creek project, revealed new details on the upcoming redevelopment. 

The recently released video rendering shows future shoppers and residents what to expect at the renovated mixed-use development. From shopping centers to apartments, Collin Creek is expected to be a lively hub. 

Upon opening in 1981, Collin Creek Mall stood as a cornerstone of Collin County's development. As the county's first major shopping complex, it swiftly evolved into a bustling retail hub and a unifying force within the community, fostering connections among families, neighbors and businesses alike. But after closing in 2019, residents speculated about what would happen to the mall. 

The city of Plano began working with Centurion American Development Group, eventually forming a $1 billion redevelopment project. The project would set aside an area deemed underserved by the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. 

In 2023, Centurion launched an official website to keep residents and visitors updated on the former mall site's development. According to the developers, the rejuvenation of Collin Creek prioritizes community through the integration of contemporary facilities and expansive open areas. The overarching goal of the project is to create a multifunctional environment conducive to living, working and leisure activities. 

The Collin Creek neighborhood will encompass 500 single-family homes, 2,300 multi-family properties and 300 high-quality independent living residences. The development will feature 8.9 acres of parks and 1.6 miles of walking trails.

The residential space will be built by three different builders — it is anticipated that home buyers will start moving in within the year. 

The development will also include 340,000 square feet of central retail and dining space created by opening up and renovating the existing mall property, as well as a four-star hotel with 200 guest rooms and approximately 40,000 square feet of function space for corporate, social and charitable events.

"A renewal, a renaissance is going to occur in a place that's special to so many people. It's a long time coming,” Harry LaRosiliere, former mayor of Plano, said in a statement. “This marks a new era for our city.”

Visit the link here to see the full video rendering.