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Dude Perfect Might Leave Frisco To Build A New 330-Foot Tower

The popular YouTubers are looking at locations for their new headquarters
Photo: Overland Partners | Official Site

Frisco-based YouTube group Dude Perfect announced plans for a new ten-acre sports and entertainment destination and headquarters. At the centerpiece of the complex is a 330-foot "impossible shot" tower, where fans can try to make, well, an impossible basketball shot in the splash pool below.

The "impossible shot" tower is a reference to the stunt that the group did in 2009 while students at Texas A&M.

Pictured is concept art of the complex.
Photo: Overland Partners | Official Site

According to the official announcement, "Inside, fully activated and themed attractions immerse fans of all ages in Dude Perfect action, where they can try their hand at the games and stunts made famous by the dudes and ascend through a series of floors leading up three stories to the top of the tower for the Impossible Shot."

Dude Perfect is currently based in Frisco, and this will be their first physical location for fans. The YouTubers brought on San Antonio-based architecture firm Overland Partners to make their vision a reality.

“The Dudes have been amazing collaborators. From a creative standpoint, I would put them up against anybody that we’ve worked with,” said Overland Senior Principal Bryan Trubey. “Their creative genius is behind all of this. We’ve been fortunate enough to design a physical representation of their vision for their future imbued with all of the activations and experiences they are known for.”

Photo: Overland Partners | Official Site

Outside the new headquarters will be a five-acre park-like area, covered in tree canopies, landscaping and water features as featuring a large lawn. “Our biggest dream yet is to bring families together in a fun-filled, memory-making destination unlike any other. A place not just to come and see, but a place to come and do,” said The Dudes. “Overland is bringing that dream to life.”

Dude Perfect is currently looking at municipalities across the U.S. as possible locations for its upcoming headquarters and fan experience complex. The YouTubers plan to announce their new home soon.