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Frisco To Become McAfee's New Regional Headquarters [Update]

The cybersecurity company announced it will occupy The Star’s facilities in mid-2023
Photo: michelmond | Shutterstock

Seemingly everyone wants a piece of North Texas these days. One week after the announcement of the new Universal Studios theme park, the San Jose-based cybersecurity company McAfee announced it’ll be Frisco’s newest addition by making The Star the home of its new regional headquarters in 2023. 

Update 02/23/2023 12:50 p.m.: A previous version of this article contained inaccurate information regarding McAfee's addition to the city of Frisco, giving the impression the company was to move its general headquarters to the North Texas city. For clarity and accuracy, both the article's title and first paragraph have been edited.

According to the press release, once McAfee occupies the facilities in mid-2023, the company commits to collaborating with the community through programs such as McAfee’s Online Safety Program for Kids aimed at educating children about online protection. The company’s goal is to expand awareness around STEM by partnering with local students and local tech start-ups to promote STEM and cybersecurity careers.

 “What a win for Frisco,” said Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney. “As an innovation-focused Smart City, we know how important online protection is. We are proud to have a global leader like McAfee regionally headquartered in Frisco.”

As to why the Collin County city was selected, Benni Bueckert, McAfee’s VP of workplace and engagement, highlighted the cultural diversity of the up-and-coming tech hub destination.

“Our decision to choose Frisco for our regional HQ was also based on the diverse cultural destination the city has become, and the many opportunities our team members will have to be immersed in the community and to give back to the many non-profit organizations here.” 

McAfee’s Online Safety Program for Kids involves having employees connect with local communities and educate kids of all ages about internet safety. Covering everything from cybersecurity, cyberbullying and social media, the program looks to keep families safe and aware.

“At McAfee, our commitment to protecting all that matters extends beyond the digital world. We believe we all have a responsibility to help shape our local communities and to make a difference,” Bueckert said. “With a shared vision and passion for supporting our local community, we see endless possibilities with this partnership.”