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Why Frisco, Texas Is A Great City For College Grads

The city ranked highly, with a 6.1% job availability rate

One question is common for many college graduates: what’s next? Frisco, Texas may be the answer. 

In just a year, Frisco soared from the 11th to the 5th best place among mid-sized U.S. cities for college graduates, thanks to its high median income and extensive health insurance coverage for young adults. This leap is largely fueled by Frisco's rapid population growth and its emergence as a tech and business hub.

According to research data site CoworkingCafe’s latest study on the best cities for 2024 college graduates, the analysis provides an in-depth look at employment opportunities, financial health and quality of life across U.S. cities. 

Frisco boasts the 11th highest percentage of residents aged 18-34 with a bachelor’s degree, at 49.5%, marking a 22% increase compared to last year’s analysis. This educational attainment is complemented by an impressive median income of $98,294 for individuals aged 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree, placing Frisco 3rd in the rankings. Only Bellevue, WA ($107,998) and Sunnyvale, CA ($103,347) surpass Frisco in this regard. Notably, the city also experienced a significant $42,120 increase in median income compared to the previous year.

In terms of job availability for recent graduates, Frisco ranks 10th with a 6.1% job availability rate. Health insurance coverage is also robust, with 75.4% of residents aged 19-34 insured, placing Frisco 9th in this category and representing a 14.5% increase from the prior year. Additionally, the city has 7.3 coworking spaces per 100,000 residents, ranking 15th for this metric.

Other Texas cities also performed well in the analysis. Austin and Dallas secured the 6th and 18th spots among large cities, respectively. Plano ranked 11th among mid-sized cities, and Waco placed 25th among small cities. San Francisco topped the list for large cities as the best place for recent graduates to start their careers. Arlington, VA, ranked 1st among mid-sized cities, while Cambridge, MA, took the top spot among small cities.

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