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The future of Collin Creek

This past Thursday, Plano residents and employees gathered together at the site that once held Dillard’s at Collin Creek Mall to discuss the future of the shopping center.
Collin Creek Mall will undergo a major renovation project beginning early 2019 | Photo by David Downs Photography

This past Thursday, Plano residents and employees gathered together at the site that once held Dillard’s at Collin Creek Mall to discuss the future of the shopping center. Representatives from Centurion American led the meeting and shared a presentation of what to expect in Collin Creek’s future. Centurion American’s President Mehrdad Moayedi’s goal is to ultimately turn Collin Creek into a village; a place where people can work, live and play.

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As of now, Centurion American plans to include 9.5 acres of park and open space in the new Collin Creek mixed-use project. The space will consist of 1.6 miles of walking and biking trails, a 3.5-acre park on Alma Drive, and an extension of Plano’s Chisolm Trail. Moayedi hopes to hold various events in the green space, including an outdoor music series. In order to make way for the parks and green space, parking spots will be available underground.


Some of Collin Creek’s original retail shops will remain part of the shopping center, however, Moayedi plans for J.C. Penney to move away from the indoor mall in the form of a standalone store. Centurion American also plans to include high-end retailers, along with mom-and-pop shops, as he believes these types of shops will convince people to leave their homes to go shopping, as opposed to ordering from Amazon. Approximately 400,000 square feet of retail will remain on site and will be repurposed.

Centurion American President Merhdad Moayedi speaks to Plano residents about the future of Collin Creek | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

Office Space

Approximately 1.2 million square feet of the Collin Creek mixed-use project is reserved for office space. Recently, CityCentral leased a block of office space on U.S. Highway 75, near Collin Creek Mall.


The Collin Creek mixed-use project will have 530 townhomes and single-family homes combined. There will also be 3100 multifamily units. These housing units will come in the form of apartments, duplexes and condominiums.


As of now, there are nine restaurants planned for the outside portion of the mixed-use project. Centurion American also has plans to open a food hall as well as an Eatzi’s store to the new Collin Creek shopping center.


Centurion American is in talks to bring a bowling alley, an indoor water park and an arcade to Collin Creek. Plans are also underway to open an eight-screen movie theater. In the shopping center, there will also be a 250-300 room hotel with a rooftop bar and a conference room. The hotel will be the only non-retail building connected to the mall.

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Moayedi anticipates breaking ground on the project by the end of the fourth quarter of 2019 and expects the revamped Collin Creek to finish construction within five years.

Retraction: An image originally used in this story has been removed due to copyright issues. The graphic showed a map of the Collin Creek area and gave an overview of what the future of the area may potentially look like. The image can be viewed on the Centurion American website here and at Community Impact here.