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Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets Named Best Snack In Texas

The caramel-covered, corn nugget snack can be found in Buc-ee's convenience stores throughout the state of Texas
Photo: Joni Hanebutt | Shutterstock

Food & Wine, a national food and cooking magazine, named Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets the absolute best snack in Texas.

The American magazine proclaimed Beaver Nuggets as the king of Texas snacks on a food review list, in which the magazine sought out to find the tastiest snack goodies in each U.S. state, in an effort to "paint a broad picture of American food culture, and to celebrate the considerable breadth and diversity of what's on offer".

According to Food & Wine, the publication conducted its list by considering only foods that could be easily shipped with little to no effort.

Beaver Nuggets — for anyone that doesn't know — are a dangerously delicious snack food that consists of puffy and crunchy corn nuggets, which are covered in a brown sugar caramel coating to create something that is truly addictive.

In its review, Food & Wine compared the Lone Star State treat with "corn pops, but if each one were dipped in delicious caramel", and described them as "deliciously evil" and "not for the faint-of-teeth" — meaning that it will make your mouth happy, but might not necessarily make a good impression on your local dentist.

Beaver Nuggets can be found inside Buc-ee's, a Texas-based chain of convenience stores that are located throughout the state, making the scrumptious snack food a tempting choice for Texans that are embarking on a lengthy road trip.

Other nearby state foods that reigned supreme on Food & Wine's list included Pralines in Louisiana, Biscochito in New Mexico, Fried Pies in Oklahoma, Cured Venison in Arkansas, Kool-Aid Pickles in Mississippi, along with Red Hot Riplets in Missouri.

To view the full list, head over to the Food & Wine website.