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Time to Subscribe Backyard Chickens

No Need To Buy Eggs
Photo: mavo | Shutterstock

Too expensive to buy eggs? Then why not raise your own chickens in your own backyard?

Egg prices have tripled since 2020. That’s a lot! No wonder people are interested in backyard chickens — basically having your own chickens to get eggs cheaper. An increase in Amazon search volume on chicken-related products shows that people’s interest in backyard chicken is growing. At the beginning of 2022, the search volume of baby chick supplies on Amazon was up by 758% since 2019 while chicken nesting boxes were up by 126%, according to The Happy Chicken Coop.

However, if you are new to the backyard-chicken game, getting all the supplies isn’t easy. Don't worry! Dallas-based company Coop Co-Op has you covered. According to Paper City, they provide a subscription service for backyard chickens, complete with a coop and a flock of chickens, ready to cluck and lay eggs.  They even have a cleaning service for those who are not used to dirty work.

If you were wondering who’s taking care of your chicks when you are on vacation, no need to worry! Their certified breeders will take care of your chicks while you are on your trip. Also, they can maintain your garden for an additional $40 (per visit). 

Their coops are on a whole new level: Each has an automatic door that opens in the morning to let chicks have their run, and cameras inside and outside the coop that will eventually allow you to check your chickens on your smartphone. And its design provides enough ventilation during hot summer and insulation in cold winter and keeps the room in a suitable temperature for the creatures.

“Our goal is to make backyard-to-table a reality for all,” co-founder, A. J. Forsythe says. “We want to make it practical to become a backyard farmer”

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