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Where To Celebrate International Sushi Day In Dallas-Fort Worth

Discover the top sushi spots and unique dining experiences on June 18

Few dishes hold as much global appeal and reverence in the culinary world as sushi. Originating centuries ago as a method to preserve fish, sushi has evolved into an artful combination of fresh ingredients and precise technique.

To commemorate International Sushi Day, celebrated annually on June 18, aficionados in North Texas have a myriad of ways to indulge in this iconic dish. Whether reveling in omakase dining experiences or savoring Asian-fusion delights each restaurant offers a unique gastronomic journey.

Here’s our curated roundup of places to go:

Sushi | Bar

2115 Jackson Street, Dallas

Established in 2020, Sushi | Bar Hospitality specializes in omakase dining, each intimate, speakeasy-style setting features a rotating menu of imaginative dishes crafted from the finest global fish. Embodying the ambiance of 1930s Japanese sushi bars, patrons enjoy close interactions with chefs. Complementing the experience are nightly drink pairings of sake, cocktails, wine and beer, enhancing the journey of traditional flavors with contemporary innovation.

Anchor Sushi Bar 

Knox and Preston Hollow locations 

Anchor Sushi Bar is a chic sushi concept offering a menu brimming with pressed sushi rolls and Asian-fusion delights. The ambiance evokes a vintage yacht club with reclaimed wood paneling, porthole-style windows and art celebrating sun-soaked luxury. Featuring a straightforward culinary approach, Anchor Sushi Bar focuses on sushi, seafood and steak, paired with a selection of unique cocktails. Highlights include crispy rice, pressed sushi favorites, robata skewers, fried rice and premium steak and wagyu dishes, promising a sophisticated dining experience in the heart of the Design District.


1628 Oak Lawn Ave. #110, Dallas 

Experience Shodo Japanese Kitchen, where traditional meets innovation in the heart of the Design District. Explore high-quality, authentic Japanese dishes paired with creatively composed cocktails that blend Japan's essence with modern flair. Enjoy an exceptional dining journey where every bite and sip narrates a story of culinary artistry.

Komodo Dallas

2550 Pacific Ave, Suite 120, Dallas

Starting June 18, Komodo invites guests to enjoy their Social Hour every Tuesday to Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. and Fridays from 4 to 8 p.m. with a special early start and a complimentary cocktail. Guests can indulge in $10 cocktails like lotus temptation and shiso bliss, along with $8 bites such as salmon truffle roll and crab rangoon. It's the ideal setting to unwind and enjoy specialty-priced drinks and bites as the summer hours stretch longer at Komodo.

Nunu Sushi

12275 University Dr, Ste 150, Frisco

Sushi Nunu, co-owned by Sunmee Son and opened in fall 2023, showcases creativity and craftsmanship in Japanese cuisine. Known for traditional sushi, inventive rolls like the black spider roll with squid flakes and izakaya dishes paired with quality sake, the restaurant offers a delightful dining experience. Each nigiri is adorned with carefully chosen garnishes to enhance flavor and presentation, making every dish a standout. Despite its competitive pricing, Sushi Nunu has quickly become a popular spot, attracting crowds even on weekdays.

Tei Tei Robata Bar

2906 N. Henderson Ave, Dallas

Tei Tei Robata Bar, founded by James Beard nominee Teiichi Sakurai, specializes in grilled seafood and vegetables and was the first in Dallas to offer "Washu beef on the rock" from Japan. Chef-owner Katsutoshi Sakamoto, a long-time friend of Sakurai, leads the kitchen. Tei Tei offers an authentic Japanese dining experience with a menu full of unique items, inviting guests to explore and enjoy a true cultural journey.

Nobu Dallas

400 Crescent Ct, Dallas

Nobu Dallas, managed by Katie Nguyen, offers a unique blend of modern Japanese cuisine with a Peruvian twist, as exemplified by chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s famous yellowtail sashimi jalapeño. The restaurant features a variety of standout dishes, including shishito peppers and black cod with miso. Each dish combines traditional Japanese ingredients with innovative accents, creating a memorable dining experience that resonates with both new and returning patrons.


4640 McKinney Ave., # 130, Dallas

Pearl Sushi, one of 2023’s hottest new restaurants, serves modern sushi crafted by Chef Shine Tamaoki. Chef Tamaoki, a former Nobu Dallas chef, creates sushi that highlights the intrinsic flavor of the fish, using accents like black lava salt on red snapper and lemon zest on kimedai. Delicacies such as nodoguro and uni, alongside classics like saba, are served with hand-grated wasabi. The restaurant also features a standout drinks program designed by Kaya Turner, Chef Tamaoki's wife. Pearl Sushi combines top-tier sushi with a relaxed, enjoyable dining atmosphere.


One Arts Plaza, 1722 Routh St, Suite 110, Dallas

Tei-An is an authentic Japanese soba house and home to Chef Teiichi Sakurai's brilliant omakase. The stylish restaurant specializes in freshly made soba noodle dishes, served hot or cold in soups or with dipping sauces. Owned by Teiichi Sakurai, the founder of Teppo (1995) and Tei Tei (1998), Tei-An has been delighting diners since its opening in 2008.


14111 King Rd, Suite 2100, Frisco

Kinzo in Frisco specializes in omakase, a chef-curated dining experience featuring meticulously prepared sushi. Executive Chef Leo Kekoa, drawing from his background at Nobu and Hawaii, crafts each dish to highlight the unique flavors of the fish, adjusting techniques and pairings to suit individual preferences. It's a personalized culinary journey that showcases Chef Kekoa's expertise and commitment to exceptional sushi.

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